Caring messages continue

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on April 16, 2020

EVERYONE’S favourite puppet police officer won’t be visiting schools anytime soon but that does not mean primary and secondary students will miss out on learning important health and safety messages from Constable Care.

The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation will migrate its school lessons online with a series of videos that teachers and parents can use as an online learning tool from Term 2.

For lower and upper primary school students, the videos are produced in an entertaining broadcast style format with education modules containing crafts and activity-based learning.

Interactive games and playbacks on key mental health issues form part of the online resources for secondary school students.

Constable Care CEO David Gribble said his team of professional actors and filmmakers had been working hard to develop a range of new content and resources designed to reinforce the messages of the current COVID-19 crisis as well as converting their existing crime prevention products into online lessons.

“Although we can no longer deliver safety education through our traditional face-to-face method, we have moved quickly to ensure we can continue to reach our audience through a whole new and exciting medium,” he said.

The new online content will cover crime prevention education programs, mental health concerns and other important COVID-19 safety issues such as handwashing and hygiene, social distancing and peer support.

Available for parents and teachers to use when school recommences in Term 2, the new resources complement the Foundation’s existing range of online products.

These include the augmented-reality safety app Arility for primary school students and choose your adventure style video games for older students, under the Foundation’s Your Call youth brand.

“As a much loved and trusted safety education provider, Constable Care is here to help parents and teachers get through this new world of learning during the coronavirus pandemic,” Mr Gribble said.

The new resources will be available on