Children create cardboard city

By Isabel Vieira | posted on January 22, 2021

ALBANY children have been busy at work these school holidays re-creating the City out of carboard boxes.

The Town Hall has just wrapped up its community art project called “We built this City’ as part of their school holiday program.

Upstairs in the Hall was cardboard galore, with all types of recyclable materials and craft supply’s imaginable.

Arts Admin Officer Tahli Crosby said the project was designed to highlight how lucky we are to live in Albany, especially throughout COVID-19.

“The title “We built this City’ was really to reinforce that even though unexpected things like COVID may come along, we love our City, and we will keep moving forward,” she said

“We are creating a wonderful place for our children to grow… and the to be honest, who doesn’t love a diorama?

“We wanted to give kids an opportunity to be creative by providing an inspiration and the means without actually telling them what to create.”

The cardboard diorama features all of Albany’s iconic landmarks, such as dog rock, Due South, the new Bunnings and the newly refurbished Town Hall.

Children, both locals and visitors got involved with the project, some staying for hours on end creating detailed buildings out of the supplies.

Ms Crosby said the engagement for the project was fantastic.

“We have had a steady flow of kids of all ages come along and get creative,” she said.

“It has been really wonderful to see the number of parents and guardians getting involved and being creative too.”

The ‘We built this City’ diorama is a part of the ‘6330’ art exhibition, keep an eye out for the City’s next community project.