Care and repair

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 9, 2019

AFTER a successful launch last month, the Repair Cafe Albany will return to York Street this weekend to host its second monthly meet at Scots Church Hall.

Repair cafes are an international initiative aimed at reducing landfill and continuing the practice of repair skills.

It brings together volunteers with certain repair talents and people who require things to be fixed in an effort to reconnect communities and protect the environment from waste.

Albany Coordinator Indu Scott is proud to be part of one of a handful of repair cafes that have popped up across WA in the past two years.

She said repair cafes globally reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 250,000kg last year by helping to repair items instead of throwing them away – carbon dioxide emissions that fluctuate based on the number of new products that are required and created when older products are thrown away instead of fixed.

“It is so wholesome,” Ms Scott said.

“Promoting doing something for others and rekindling skills of repair… there has been such heartwarming support for us, and I’d love to see more people come down on Saturday.”

The skilled volunteers are happy to try and fix bikes, sew things, sharpen tools, repair household items and mend broken electronic and electrical devices that have AC adapters or are battery-powered.

The Repair Cafe Albany team will be at the church hall at 168 York Street from 10am to noon on August 10 and welcome all, whether you need something fixed free of charge or simply fancy a free cuppa and a peek at what’s going on.

Upon arrival at the repair cafe, visitors must register at the check-in table before they can be escorted to the appropriate repair station.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a repairer can contact Ms Scott via email –