History mystery

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 8, 2019

A mystery is unfolding in Broomehill and staff and students from the town’s primary school are asking for the public’s help in solving it.

Broomehill Primary School Year 3 student Harrison Woithe was walking through the school yard recently when the school bell caught his eye.

The bell had hung there for as long as he could remember but he suddenly wondered where it came from and how long it had been with the school.

Part-time historian Ms Guazzelli made it her mission to answer Harrison’s question about the bell’s origins.

She believes the bell has been in use at the school for at least seven decades.

“We know that it was made by F Metters & Co in Perth, who were bell makers in the early 1900s,” Ms Guazzelli said.

“I don’t know if it was an old church bell or school bell, but I reckon it’s been used here for about 70 years – it’s been hung off a tree, a post and now, a building.”

Broomehill Primary School was established in 1893, received a revamp in the 1960s, and currently has 50 students enrolled.

Anyone who thinks they might be able to help Harrison, Isadora and Ms Guazzelli on their quest to discover the origins of the school bell are encouraged to contact Ms Guazzelli via email – apg681@ outlook.com – or by calling the school on 9824 1250.