Body of art now on show

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on November 7, 2020

THE bare human body is both the subject and art form of Blush Retail Gallery’s latest exhibition.

Featuring the works of Great Southern artists Marjan Bakhtiarikish, Ria Di Cola, Angie Fryer-Smith, Patrick Mettam, Jen Mitchell and Sara Riches, and Perth artist Ryan Ahern, Embody is on display now until November 28.

The compilation of work includes charcoal drawings, classical and contemporary oil paintings, and graphic artwork.

Mettam said he wanted to convey both the male and female forms using primarily lines with minimal to no rendering.

“I established a clear and bold silhouette, with a flat internal tone to give a strong separation from the white background,” he said.

“I chose the poses based on each bringing a different movement and action to the others, as I appreciate the diverse range of motion of both the male and female figure, whether it be to convey strength or elegance.”

Riches selected ink and oil for her artwork.

“My collection is reflecting on the human spirit, how healing comes from within ourselves,” she said.

“Finding the way to heal when you feel broken; your light within.”

Mitchell’s expressive figure drawing celebrates the lines and dynamism of the human form.

Ahern’s work is primarily figurative and is marked by a dark, nostalgic and a subdued realism, reminiscent of 20th century expressionism.

Bakhtiarikish has attempted to create a poetic image of the beauty of human form using the classical, layered oil painting technique and the ‘alla prima’ method.

Di Cola has enjoyed playing with oils on canvas and board, wrapping the female form in rich colours.

Fryer-Smith’s large graphic paintings of classical sculpture aim to show how romantic and timeless the human form is.

Blush Retail Gallery is located on York Street.