On the trail of creativity

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on September 7, 2019

VENUE 58 of this month’s Southern Art and Craft Trail will bring five very different visual artists together to share their passion for creativity with the public.

Passionart will open at Albany’s Blush Retail Gallery on September 14 and star Albany artists Angie Fryer-Smith, Anna Anderson, Kirsten Sivyer, Ron Baker and Marjan Bakhtiarikish.

The theme of the exhibition is simple – each artist is exhibiting whatever he or she is passionate about.

“I’ve been working on a special series of artworks based simply on the colours and forms created by natural fruits,” Fryer-Smith said.

“These are simply an excuse to lay a lot of vivid oil paints on the canvas, and to produce works with a very graphic content that capture the rich and abundant feeling of the subject matter.”

Baker and Bakhtiarikish will showcase their traditional oil paintings inspired by Italian art, Sivyer will display her interpretations of urban and historic buildings, and Anderson will explore abstract streetscapes.

“A walk in the neighbourhood provides endless ideas for possible translation onto canvas,” Anderson said.

“Every day there is a new perspective, a new light, a new path or a new structure to discover.”

Blush Retail Gallery is located in the CBD on York Street.