Blossom at Blush

By Deanna Corrieri | posted on January 14, 2021

BLUSH Retail Gallery is hosting a new vibrant art collection from artist Cynthia Orr, showcasing her expression of resilience, hope and perseverance through nature.

Blossom is a colourful, Australian nature inspired collection of acrylic paintings that took her 12 months to create.

Ms Orr was inspired by the events of 2020 to create a collection of 26 paintings that symbolised the rebirth of life after a devastating loss.

“With the things going on in my own life, all the fires over east and in the Porongurup’s and then Covid, this (nature and vegetation) is to symbolise that even when they’re ravaged by fire, they come back and they bloom again so beautifully even when you think they’re dead,” Ms Orr said.

Ms Orr wants people to feel happy and light when they step into the gallery and to feel an emotional tug.

“I think that it is a message of hope for people that no matter what you are going through, there is a season for everything, and it will pass and you will bloom,” she said.

While painting one of her favourites, words came to Ms Orr that she felt deeply resonated with her work and are now words that echo through every painting.

“You will not wilt under the pressure of the heat of the enemy, but … you will bloom in the face of it,” she said.

Blossom will be on show in the Blush Retail Gallery on York Street from January 8-30.