Baby, I was born this way

| posted on January 18, 2018

I AM relatively confident in my body image, but to be honest with you, it’s taken me a few years to get there.

When you’re growing up and you’re in the gawky, gangly, pimply stages of your teens, it’s very easy to think you are gross and no one likes you.

The more I read tabloid magazines and random Snapchat and Facebook stories, the more I get a bit confused about what the ‘correct’ body image is to uphold.

I see stories about plus-sized models and them embracing their image and others supporting them, and then I see stories about keeping far away from obesity and how to lose 10kg.

I have a slender build, and my weight doesn’t fluctuate too much, so I am pretty lucky that I don’t have to do much exercise to keep my current figure.

(Mind you, I’m still gonna have to keep an eye on the amount of nugs I consume, if I don’t want to roll out of work today).

But, for some people, their genes have designed them to be other ways, such as having wide hips or narrow shoulders.

This is just who they are, and no matter their diet or fitness regime, they can’t change their image.

And sometimes, this can really upset people.

Particularly if things such as social media are constantly in their faces saying their body image is wrong.

It’s kind of bullying, in a way – targeting a particular group of people over and over again.

Body image is a massive part of who we are.

When we meet people for the first time, be it for a date or a job interview, our image can ‘say’ a lot about us.

If we don’t feel confident in our own skin, it can affect our ability to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Do you know those transformation shows, where the tomboyish girl is given a sophisticated edge, or the weedy-looking guy becomes an Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalike?

Those shows, despite being sometimes highly stereotypical, are evidence of how our body image can impact our self-esteem and outlook on life.

So, to wind things up here, I think we need to remember the important things when we are considering our body image.

#1: Find the balance.

Have your salads and fruits and veggies and meat, but don’t feel bad about the odd cheeseburger.

As long as you balance out what you eat, and look after yourself, then I think that’s all that matters.

#2: Be true to yourself.

Don’t be shy to try a different outfit look, or a new hairdo.

If you want to rock stripy socks that you found at the op shop, then go for it.

Because at the end of the day, you could be a string bean in the most expensive clothing in the world and be unhappy.

So, don’t run yourself into the ground trying to be someone you are not; just work with your body and find an even ground between being happy and healthy.

We only live once, so what’s the point in being sad and lethargic and blurgh?

Look after yourself and be happy.

It’s simple, really.