Joint trail exhibition

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 18, 2019

EXPECT the unexpected is what Kentdale artist Paul Moncrieff is telling people ahead of his inclusion in this year’s Southern Art and Craft Trail.

Moncrieff will this year be exhibiting at his own Kent River Studio alongside partner Jillian Green and long-time friend, Perth artist Bevan Honey.

“The presentation is split,” he said.

“Half is Jillian, and she does iconic images of some of the animals we have, like our mini donkey, and religious iconography.

“The rest is an amalgamation of Bevan and I’s work, and we’ve done something a bit unusual and difficult.”

Moncrieff explained that the two artists had played ‘swapsies’, adding to or finishing each other’s artwork in a type of artistic intervention.

“We’ve known each other for a long time so we trusted each other,” Moncrieff said.

“We both work in non-objective ways so we’re not painting landscapes or anything like that – I divide my work into shapes and colours in a geometric way.

“So sometimes, we’d paint over each other’s work, or change it a bit … kind of an odd thing but we’re always trying to show people something different.”

Moncrieff’s joint exhibition with Green and Honey is Venue 26 on the Southern Art and Craft Trail and you can find it between September 21 and October 13 at 4310 South Coast Highway, Kentdale.