Announcers sent expulsion letter

| posted on April 20, 2017


ALBANY Community Radio listeners may be surprised to learn that several of its well-known broadcasters and volunteers are due to be expelled from the organisation.

While not all of them are prepared to be interviewed, The Weekender understands as many as 11 members received identical letters last week summoning them to an “expulsion meeting” on May 8.

“The reason for your proposed expulsion is that you acted detrimentally to the interests of Albany Community Radio (ACR),” the letter reads. “ACR Rules of Association expect that you do not bring into disrepute the operations, management, staff or other volunteers of ACR.”

The letter also invites the recipients to explain why they think they should not be expelled.

Foundation member June Humphries said Albany Community Radio made several attempts to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) last year which were not legally constituted.

“After some volunteer members of Albany Community Radio including myself appealed  to State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to demand a  properly constituted AGM we have been summonsed to a meeting on May 8 to be expelled,” she said.

“If we are expelled it means that we are unable to vote (or stand for office or committee) at the AGM.”

According to SAT records the members taking the action are Brian Humphries, Donna Moss, Ian Rayson, June Humphries, Ken Ewers-Verge, Mara Nedela, Marianne Chester, Maxwell Chester, Peter Moss, Sandra Sullivan and Valerie Green.