Chorus dancer call

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on June 7, 2019

DENMARK choreographer Annette Carmichael is seeking 200 women over the age of 14 to create her final dance performance in The Beauty Index trilogy.

Carmichael hopes to bring women together from Denmark, Bunbury, Mandurah, Ravensthorpe, Perth and Albany for the project and perform it over the March long weekend in 2020.

She told the Weekender that Chorus would highlight the need for violence against women to stop and hoped her performance would reignite conversations about it.

“Talking about violence against women is known to be a key ingredient in prevention,” Carmichael said.

“In the past, this topic was hidden behind shame and ‘private’ family business, but now we can talk about it with more frankness and compassion.

“Chorus will reveal the strength and solidarity of women and symbolically reclaim the power that was historically held by women.

“Through the process of creating this original dance work with 200 women, we are also creating new social networks and new friendships that will add another layer of support for women.”

Carmichael described Chorus as “epic” in scale, as it will be performed in a “large amphitheatre wrapped in eucalyptus trees”.

Denmark composer James Gentle will create the musical composition and Albany artists Kevin Draper and Indra Geidans will bring their black and white sculptures as props.

Carmichael encouraged interested ladies to attend ‘taster’ workshops coming up soon and reiterated that women of all abilities could join.

“In Denmark, women can choose from three groups, Gentle, Active and Core,” she explained.

“The Gentle group involves simple gestural movements and formation walking; the Active group is for women who can only commit to a workshop once a week but want a strong physical experience and; the Core group is for those wanting an intense experience both creatively and physically and are willing to commit to twice-weekly sessions.

“In Albany, women can participate in the project via a week of rehearsals that happen in the July school holidays, followed by eight additional sessions in the lead up to the performance in 2020.”

Carmichael promised she would make everyone look “incredible, no matter what your past experience or physical capacity”.

She is hosting the taster workshops in Albany at Vancouver Arts Centre on June 8 and 9, and at Denmark Civic Centre on June 15 and 16.

“It’s best to come to both days of the taster workshops,” Carmichael said.

“If you live in Albany but can’t make the Albany taster, please come to the Denmark tasters and vice versa.”

Head to to register your interest.