Light shone on abilities

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on September 19, 2019

AN UPCOMING Albany theatre production will have a taste of Hollywood over the next couple of months as it takes part in a disability awareness campaign.

The behind the scenes efforts of Let’s Shine Brightly, a show inviting people living with a disability to perform in a variety show, will be filmed by aspiring videographers Baden and Dylan Redshaw.

The footage will be used as a behind the scenes look at the lives of people living with a disability to showcase their abilities to others.

National Disability Insurance Scheme Business Development Officer from CarersWA Andi Dackins explained the Disabling the Label project.

“We’ll be making four short videos that capture the mainstream audience, so they can understand what it’s like to have a disability and why it’s important people with a disability should be taken seriously,” she said.

“This is a chance for people to speak to their community, as we want as much raw and unscripted footage as possible.”

Let’ s Shine Brightly Co-Director Janet McArtney said the theme of the production will be “this is me” and feature a powerful opening and closing act with a variety of performances such as singing, skits, dancing and poetry embellished with colourful costumes, lighting, mirror balls, smoke machines, creative scenery and props.

The first brainstorm session for the production will be this Saturday at 2pm at Albany Port Theatre, followed by an information session at 2pm on October 5.