Albany’s tradie ninja

By Grace Jones | posted on August 3, 2017

SAM Goodall might just be Albany’s favourite tradie.

His claim to newfound fame is his appearance on Australian Ninja Warrior and his progression through to the television show’s grand final.

Fans of the show would recognise Sam from his signature tradie gear; high-vis shirt, socks, and his tradie jocks.

Sam built himself a miniature course on his property to train for the Ninja Warrior course.

“I pretty much did as many chin ups as I could,” he said.

Unfortunately for Sam, he only got as far as grand final’s stage one; however, that’s not stopping him from applying for the next season.

“The semi-final was my best performance,” he said.

“It’s a challenging course and you feel pretty small next to it.

“I told my daughter I would get to the top of Mount Midoriyama, so I have to apply for next year.”

Sam suffered a major blow almost four years ago after breaking his leg in an off-road motorcycle accident.

“I didn’t work for two years and I couldn’t walk properly for a year,” he said.

“I was worried if my leg would last in the competition, but it’s much stronger than it was.”

Australian Ninja Warrior drew controversy in its grand final, with none of the nine competitors finishing stage two and no one actually winning the first season.

Don’t worry, Ninja fans, the show will be back next year, and applications are open until September 3.