Striking the balance

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on August 24, 2018

ALBANY businessman and chef Giuseppe D’ Antonio is confident in his decision to open a new restaurant in the CBD and says he is excited to be getting back into the hospitality game.

The Weekender can reveal Mr D’ Antonio’s Italian restaurant and pizzeria on York Street, Little Italy, will open its doors in early November if construction targets are met.

Little Italy will add to an influx of new businesses bringing colour to York Street, including Blush Retail Gallery, Monk and Hound Barber Shop and the revitalisation of Albany House by Mark Blyth Fine Jewellery.

It will stick to a rustic Italian theme in its design and menu, and feature a large dining area, a bar and an open kitchen.

Mr D’Antonio says it’s a “golden opportunity” to have snagged the York Street location and does not believe his new family restaurant will be affected by the ennui that has affected some quarters of York Street of late.

“The last time I checked, no cafés have shut down because it’s quiet,” he said, while inspecting the electrical work being completed in the dining area.

“It’s an overreaction, people don’t need to worry about it.”

Mr D’Antonio said there are “too many cafés and not enough restaurants” on Albany’s main drag, so he is keen to add another restaurant into the mix.

He will don his chef’s whites for the first few months of opening until he establishes and trains his staff.

Mr D’Antonio is no stranger to managing and cooking in eateries, having 31 years’ experience in hospitality and chef and barista training from Italy under his belt.

He also co-owned Venice restaurant in its early days and owned Cosi’s Café up until recently, when he sold the popular coffee shop late last year.