Salmon season

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on March 21, 2019

‘TIS the season of the mighty salmon and basking in the glory of reeling one in, but fishers are reminded to keep safe when chasing them.

Popular spots in the Great Southern to drop a line include Cheynes Beach and Nanarup Beach, as well as Lowlands and Shelley Beach.

Albany fisherman Andrew Jarvis reminded others that rock fishing wasn’t the only way to hook a salmon.

“Salmon are the first big fish that casual fishers can catch reasonably easy,” he said.

“Australian salmon are stubborn, hard fighting fish that often make spectacular leaps and are great fun to catch.

“But I would like to make the point that you will catch as many salmon off the beach as you would off the rocks, and it is so much safer and more family friendly.”

Recreational fishing body Recfishwest reiterated Mr Jarvis’s safety message and acknowledged the tourism boost salmon season gives to WA.

“Salmon fishing supports a thriving local tourism fishery for many towns between Esperance and Perth,” a spokesperson said.

“Each season, the lure of catching a salmon attracts new participants to the sport, with an expectation to experience an exhilarating catch; especially in the last few seasons where a high abundance of salmon has provided great fishing.

“Recfishwest believes the pristine white sandy beaches of WA coast, combined with the splendid sports fishing qualities of this species, truly makes this the world’s best fishing on the world’s best beaches.’’