Enter the Sea Dragons

By Grace Jones | posted on January 25, 2019

ALBANY’S new junior rugby league movement has taken inspiration from a gargantuan artwork for its club name and mascot.

In December last year NRL WA operations manager Tony Crowe announced that children aged four to 12 would be able to join a new Great Southern rugby league and touch football junior league in 2019.

Over the Christmas period the club’s unofficial committee got their heads together to come up with a name to suit the emerging club.

Albany Sea Dragon organiser Gary Tutt said fellow committee member Lee Martin had made the suggestion.

“We have this massive silo artwork of a sea dragon in Albany,” he said.

“Whether people like it or not, it’s a part of the town.

“Why not use a part of Albany as our name and mascot?”

Tutt said after the name was decided it was only a matter of designing the logo.

“Lee has a media business in town so he was able to help us design a couple of logos with the sea dragon incorporated,” he said.

“We couldn’t decide on what we liked so we put it to a Facebook poll on our page.

“More than 400 people voted and it was split 70-30 for the design.

“A lot of people were happy with it. The NRL were happy with it too.”

Tutt said another driving force behind being known as the Sea Dragons was the uniqueness of the mascot.

“No one has heard of sea dragons as a rugby league club yet,” he said.

“There are plenty of bears, lions, rabbits and that sort of thing.

“But no sea dragons.”

Tutt said there were only a few more forms to fill until the club would be a fully recognised institution.

“Tony from NRL WA is just finishing off the last bits and pieces,” he said.

“When we’re fully fledged we’ll be able to get some volunteers and sponsors on the books.”

Tutt said the Sea Dragons were starting the search for the club’s inaugural coaches.

“We aren’t looking for lots of experience but more a willingness to give our young players a fantastic experience,” he said.

“We want around two coaches per team with a sports trainer and a team manager and we’re hoping to have a boy and a girl team for under six, under eight, under 10 and under 12.

“To encourage people to give it a go we’ll pay for all coaching accreditation courses.”

Tutt said the club would hold an open day on February 23 at the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre for anyone interested in joining.

“We’re hoping to rally some support from the public,” he said.

“We need to keep trying to garner support with volunteers.”

For more information on the Albany Sea Dragons Junior Rugby League Club contact Gary Tutt on 0466 607 870.