Comic to mock PC

By Grace Jones | posted on July 12, 2019

HE COINED the term for Australia’s most popular adage DILLIGAF, he lived next door to Alan and was best mates with Mick the master farter and he’s in Albany on Saturday night.

Kevin Bloody Wilson has been performing his bawdy ballads across the country and overseas since the 1980s and said it all started when he performed a couple of songs to his mates during their “pleasant Sunday mornings”.

“My mates nudged me into a studio saying I should record some of my stuff and they would buy the tapes,” he said.

“And they bought them in the absolute thousands.”

Wilson said he spent a good portion of his year on tour but never saw it as a job.

“I look at it from a hobby point of view,” he said.

“I’m a professional hobbiest. There have absolutely been publicists that have tried to tell me when, how long and where to go on tour, and I’ve told a few of them to get f…

“I want to go out and work. I want to tour.”

Wilson said he always looked forward to touring as it meant he would be with his wife, Betty Bryant, as well as his bawdy musical comedian daughter Jenny Talia this time around.

When asked if he ever dreamed his career would bring him to the point where he won an ARIA, had his music inducted into the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra, or toured internationally he responded quickly.

“S… no, I never thought I would do any of it,” he said.

“This is way beyond anything I could dream of. My daughter is my supporting act, my wife is the tour manager and I’ve even got the grand daughters over from Chicago.

“We work together. It was meant to be, and it all just fell into place. I’ve been very, very lucky.”

Wilson visited Albany around three years ago while on tour and said performing at the Albany Entertainment Centre was “pretty special” and that he enjoyed performing for the locals.

“It definitely comes from the fact that I lived in Kalgoorlie,” he said.

“When I was in Kal as an electrician I would watch the planes flying over with singers and comedians and think ‘why don’t you play here?’.

“It’s not necessarily up to the artist to choose where they perform. But when I really got big I decided bugger it, and insisted on doing country areas.

“Albany is definitely big in terms of country towns, but I get my rocks off doing what I do. The more blue collar, the better.”

Wilson said his F.U.P.C Tour is about what you would expect from a comedian who took pride in not being politically correct.

“Everything has swung far, far left when it comes to political correctness,” he said.

“I think I’m one of the few comedians left that doesn’t toe that line. One of my new songs is about the #metoo movement.

“Australia is the only country in the world where your mates are c… and your enemies are mates. God won’t punish you for our vowels.

“It’s really all about your inflection.”

Wilson said he was looking at adding America to his list of touring destinations.

“I’m a big fan of comedians like Jim Jefferies and Hannah Gadsby,” he said.

“On a business level Jim has put his finger on the pulse in America and learned what p… everyone off. And Hannah tells a great story.

“I’ve certainly never subscribed to political correctness, so when I write my jokes and my mates laugh at it – it’s good enough for the Sydney Opera House or the London Palladium.

“The wife is a good litmus test too. If she rolls her eyes, I know I’m onto a good one.”

Kevin Bloody Wilson’s Albany leg of the F.U.P.C Tour with special guest Jenny Talia will be at the Albany Entertainment Centre on Saturday from 8pm.

Tickets are available at the box office.