Albany stars in series

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on October 25, 2020

ALBANY is once again playing centre stage on the silver screen with the commencement of season two filming of ABC children’s adventure series Itch.

Production staff and actors rolled into town yesterday for three weeks of camera action.

Starring Perth-based Samuel Ireland, Itch follows the story of teen Itchingham Lofte who discovers an unknown element.

Season one followed Itch’s journey to keep the element out of the hands of the government and an evil corporation.

Series two will see Itch and his friends tackle a new issue: dead fish are washing up on the shores of town after a boat explosion.

The teens suspect an evil corporation is behind it and seek to uncover the truth themselves.

Komixx Entertainment Australia Managing Director Amanda Morrison said the show had enjoyed fantastic reception worldwide.

“Our US audience, where Itch is currently broadcasting, are loving the action-packed on-screen adventure and unique West Australian landscapes, and we are anticipating our UK launch with the BBC,” she said.

“We will be building on the universal themes of science and environmentalism in series two, which will again be produced entirely out of WA; celebrating the talent of our local industry and showcasing the Great Southern and Peel regions to audiences across the world.”