Building applications increase

By Grace Jones | posted on July 11, 2019

RESIDENTS in the City of Albany may have noticed an increase in building projects in their neighborhood in May due to a recorded 31 per cent increase in the month’s average since 2013.

City Manager of Building, Health and Compliance Scott Reitsema told the Weekender that there had been 116 various types of building permit applications in May alone, totaling 906 in the past financial year.

“This also takes into account the Premier Hotel alterations, the new waterfront hotel and a large volume of additions and alterations against a smaller number of new dwellings,” he said.

The City approves a wide range of applications each year such as dwellings, sheds, patios and renovations.

“Recent trends indicate that there are fewer dwellings being approved, with more renovations, alterations and additions occurring,” Mr Reitsema said.

“[The average May increase] isn’t unusual and quite often occurs towards the end of the financial year where finances, taxes, assets and investments are top of mind with residents.

“Any form of development is great for our local economy and helps to boost the Albany building market.”

Mr Reitsema said while there had been an average increase in applications for May, overall there had been a reduction in the number of applications over the past year with similar trends seen across the state.

“This could be attributed to a possible lack of consumer confidence in the market, an election year and economic uncertainty.”