Artist resonates with the medium of sound

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on May 29, 2020

VISUAL artist Nat Rad gives her medium a whole new meaning by being influenced and recreating not only what she sees, but also what she hears.

Sound is a new area Rad has explored over recent years and has been at the centre of her artistic time spent in isolation.

Forever the creative mind, dating back to high school with interests in fashion, visual art and travel, Rad is constantly evolving her art style and traversing mediums like no other.

One of Rad’s latest group exhibitions Reservoir was an example of this.

“This exhibition was about water and my exhibited work combined sound, painting, lighting and of course water in an installation,” she said.

“[Sound] is a whole new area and I have much to learn about it but it seems to be influencing the way I consider painting.

“By this I mean I am choosing colours that resonate in a certain way and have begun to move and overlap the stencil layers to consider the vibration of the subject.”

Rad describes herself primarily as an oil painter and uses different painting techniques depending on what she wants to express, but always creates images with multiple layers of colour and texture.

She says she loves spending time with authentic, well-considered art and immersing herself in the inspiration that follows.

Rad hopes to create this pattern of thought for others with her own work.

With COVID-19 throwing her exhibition plans for the year in the bin, Rad has persevered and continued to create while juggling her busy medical receptionist job.

However isolation was not a foreign concept to her as it was something she frequently practised while creating.

Rad said time alone to create work is vital.

“For many years I have worked away from home in shared studio spaces which has allowed great collaborations to develop with other artists,” she said.

“However COVID-19 restrictions closed this space and to keep working I had to grab what I could and relocate to my home which was extremely disruptive.

“I feel that time will tell how this period will affect how and what I work on; art is a very slow process of accumulated ideas.”