Brucey shares the love

By David Kavanagh | posted on January 24, 2020

FANS of Albany’s famous pet bull Brucey the Brahman need not fret, the Facebook star will not be stepping out of the social media limelight anytime soon.

The digital platform was abuzz with disappointment earlier this month when Brucey’s owner Tom Kennedy posted that the young Brahman would be “cutting back” on his online appearances.

Mr Kennedy has since backtracked that decision, telling the Weekender he would continue sharing photos, videos and updates about the two-and-a-half year old animal’s antics.

“I didn’t realise how many people love it. When I said I was winding down there were a lot of comments from people a bit sad about it,” Mr Kennedy said.

“I’ve come to realise I’m providing a lot of folks with a few laughs, people who are doing it tough and like to see a bit of humour and what Brucey’s been up too.

“I didn’t expect this level of popularity when I started it up, but it’s a result of his personality and just wanting to have fun with him and sharing it with others.”

Brucey the Brahman’s Facebook page originally launched in June, 2018 and has since amassed more than 1100 followers.

It regularly shows the prankish bull interacting with the public and other animals, including Mr Kennedy’s dog and horses, and visiting the beach for a “surf report”.

“We’ll share more of his older stories going forward because a lot of people that joined in to watch him have missed his development,” Mr Kennedy said.

“Brucey was seven months old when we got him. He was 600kg a little while ago and he’s getting bigger quite visibly so it’ll be interesting to see how tall he goes.”

Mr Kennedy effectively saved Brucey from the chopping block when he purchased him from a stud in upper Kalgan.

Brucey’s mother died when he was only a week old and he had been left on an orchard to be hand-raised without a real purpose.

“He’s got a very good life now,” Mr Kennedy said.

“As long as he doesn’t keep breaking out of electric fences and pushing into the house and eating the wife’s flowers, I think his life will continue.

“He’s very mischievous and I think that’s reflective of his intelligence and character. He’s not silly, he’ll sit there and he’ll observe things.”

This year has already proved to be full of success for Brucey, with the bull’s profile showing he recently graduated from Brahmarana University.

He currently works as the “Chief Greens Keeper” at Albany Tenpin Bowling, Mr Kennedy’s own enterprise, and no doubt draws on experience gained in his previous role as “Chief Apple and Grass Eater”.

Those wanting to keep up to date with his journey can search Brucey Brahman on Facebook and send a friend request.