Drink driving ‘a stupid thing to do’

By David Kavanagh | posted on December 13, 2019

A YOUNG woman who blew more than five times the legal alcohol limit when she was stopped in Mount Barker earlier this year has been reprimanded in Albany Magistrates Court.

Kelly Marie Anderson returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.261gms per 100ml of blood when police pulled her over in her Hyundai Tucson on Osborne Road on October 3.

Appearing before Magistrate Raelene Johnston shortly before 10am last Thursday, Ms Anderson said she “just didn’t think” and admitted drink driving was “a stupid thing to do”.

“That’s a ridiculously high reading,” Magistrate Johnston said.

“The chances of you causing an accident or causing a death are enhanced when you’re driving in that state.”

Ms Anderson was fined $1525.90, including court costs, and had her licence disqualified for 10 months.

Albany Magistrates Court has dealt with numerous substantial drink-driving offences in the past few months.

In late October, 35-year-old Rick Gregory Millan was fined more than $4000 and lost his licence for at least three years after he crashed his car into a Kalgan paddock while intoxicated.

Mr Millan had had his licence disqualified for drink driving mere hours before the accident.

The month prior, Jeremy Moncrieff and Kelsie Armstrong also received significant fines and disqualifications for recording blood alcohol readings of 0.198 and 0.132 respectively.

In Australia, it is an offence to drive with a reading of 0.05 or higher.