Case iced again

By Grace Jones | posted on May 18, 2019

THE Dean of University of Western Australia’s Law School Professor Natalie Skead said it’s not uncommon for a number of adjournments to be made in a criminal case, after Albany man Craig Golding was awarded his fourth four-week adjournment in his drug-related trial.

Mr Golding appeared in Albany Magistrates Court last week with 15 alleged counts of dealing methylamphetamine while facilitating the State Government funded Ice Breakers program to help meth addicts recover from addiction.

Professor Skead said it was not unusual for multiple adjournments to be sought when multiple charges are on the table.

“It can take time to collate all of the documentation necessary to mount a defence,” she said.

“There will come a point where the court will refuse to grant another adjournment but there is no cap to the amount you can seek.

“The defendant has to be in a position to be able to defend themself.”

Mr Golding entered court holding a laptop and file while waiting for his lawyer David Manera to answer a teleconference call.

Mr Manera was eventually contacted after initially ringing out to voicemail and updated

Magistrate Raelene Johnston on the disc saga from the past two months.

“Mr Golding is concerned with the discs,” he said.

“The investigating officer contacted Perth and Mr Golding was able to receive the discs four days ago.

“He’s been burning the midnight oil going through 1400 calls and writing a detailed response to each.”

Magistrate Johnston interjected and asked if Mr Manera would be seeking another adjournment.

“Four weeks should do it,” he said.

Prosecuting Sergeant Alan Dean brought it to Magistrate Johnston’s attention that it had been four months since Mr Golding had entered court.

“I’m happy to give you another adjournment under the provision that this will be addressed in the next hearing,” she said.

“Mr Golding should be able to access his evidence and mount a defence.”

Mr Golding is set to appear in Albany Magistrates Court on June 13.


Photo: Craig Golding (centre) with WA Premier Mark McGowan and Member for Albany Peter Watson in the Icebreakers days.