Artists exhibit cast of crafts

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on October 22, 2020

THE final instalment of a three-year artistic project inspired by the Albany Heritage Park will wind up at the end of next week.

Cast encompasses the work of John Carberry, Annette Davis, Theo, Terri Pikora and Nat Rad and explores the broad meaning of ‘cast’, including “a turning of the eye”, “an impression taken from an object” and “a wide sweep”.

The environment of Albany Heritage Park, particularly Princess Royal Fortress, inspired these artists, who each set out to document spaces, places and concepts through their respective crafts.

The group has worked to cast shadows and light from the environment, cast characters from history and cast back to old memories of the site.

Their works are exhibited through video, audio soundscape, textiles and paintings.

Cast follows the 2018 exhibition Crypsis and 2019 exhibition Campaign.

Cast will be open to the public 9am to 4pm for free Tuesday to Sunday until October 30 in the Married Quarters West Wing gallery, located along the Convoy Walk at Albany Heritage Park.