Art concept a 10

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on February 21, 2020

AN EXHIBITION reflecting the very venue it has been installed in is now open to the public.

Navigate by Albany art group MIX is now on within the foyer of the Albany Entertainment Centre.

It is part of the centre’s Ten in Ten program, a concept that will see 10 visual art exhibitions exhibit within the AEC environment over 10 months to help celebrate its 10th birthday.

Navigate is a progressive exhibition and will see more pieces added to it over the next couple of months.

Lizzie Riley and Barbara Madden are some of the first artists to exhibit in the space with their photography and installation art.

Madden is displaying her photos of the entertainment centre blended with images of granite on backlit transparency film and lightboxes.

“The AEC is strongly embedded in Albany’s granite landscape,” she said.

“My work draws attention to the building’s crystal-like structure and its granite environment … using images with strong reflections is a reference to twinned feldspar crystals, a component of local granite.”

Riley’s installation is a series of delicately interwoven twigs and the ends of peppermint trees.

It hangs from the interior balcony, above the main foyer.

“It looks at what was here before the AEC,” she said.

“This area would have been covered in peppermint trees.

“I was looking at the connections between the natural world and construction, and the complexity of breaking the natural system … the piece is very fragile and full of holes, to show that once you start to pull apart the environment, you can’t put it back together again.”