Sharing is caring at bridge

By Grace Jones | posted on July 24, 2018

AMONG the slightly competitive players at Albany Bridge Club, it seems sharing is still caring – for the winners at least.

Carole Munro and Jane Ellen have both been playing bridge for around 30 years but have only teamed up as a pair in the past few years.

When they took out the recent Geraldine Sutherland Memorial competition, they had a simple solution as to what to do with the perpetual trophy.

The prized shield and clock would spend six months with each player before Munro and Ellen set out to defend their title next year.

Munro said the pair generally weren’t highly competitive players in comparison to other teams within the club.

“We’ve played together for a couple of years and we enjoy our game,” she said.

“It’s not the be-all and end-all to win a competition, but it’s definitely nice for a change.”

Munro said the club was the perfect way for people to make friends when moving to a new town, and with 104 members in the Albany Bridge Club, there certainly isn’t a shortage of new faces.

“When I moved to Albany in 1988, I was driving past the old clubhouse on Bolt Terrace and went in and introduced myself,” she said.

Ellen said she started playing bridge as a young mum when she wanted something to do to keep her brain working.

Both Munro and Ellen agreed that while bridge was a difficult game to master it was highly enjoyable to play.

“It’s a very complex game but very addictive,” Munro said.

“It stimulates your brain. It’s a card game with an edge.”

Munro said the Albany Bridge Club was calling for some young blood to join its ranks.

“We have a good mix of ladies and men but it’s definitely an older demographic,” she said.

“We have a beginners day on Monday s and no matter your level, people are more than welcome to tag along.

“If you can’t find a partner we can help organise one for you too.”

Albany Bridge Club is set to host a fundraiser for Albany Community Hospice on August 4 from 10am at their Mill Street clubhouse.

The entry fee of $25 per person includes morning and afternoon tea with all proceeds being donated to the Albany Community Hospice.

For more information or to purchase a ticket, contact Pam Minchin on 0419 193 006.