Levingston scratches an itch

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on February 15, 2019

ALBANY rising star Morgan Levingston has scored a role in the upcoming ABC children’s television series Itch two months before he planned to move to Sydney to pursue an acting career.

Mr Levingston told The Weekender he had a flight booked for April 1 but was more than happy to cancel it when he landed the role of a policeman.

Filming of Itch commenced on Tuesday at Middleton Beach and will continue across the region for two months.

Itch, penned by BBC broadcaster and author Simon Mayo, tells the story of 14-year-old Itchingham Lofte who discovers a new chemical element and has to protect it from secret corporations and government agencies.

“I don’t have too much information yet but my contract is in the mail,” Mr Levingston said.

“I’m really excited and absolutely stoked to be a part of Itch.

“It’s going to be awesome.”

The 21-year-old said he planned to visit the Itch production office tomorrow for a costume fitting and to determine his eight-week filming schedule.

The Weekender caught up with Itch pro-ducer Amanda Morrison, head of global development Melanie Halsall and director Renee Webster on Monday after a Welcome to Country ceremony at Middleton Beach.

Although she remained tight-lipped on the complete cast list, Ms Morrison said she’d found “fantastic” talent in town.

She has scouted multiple locations in Albany for filming and was pleased by the reception her cast and crew had received from the community.

“We’ve visited the University of WA Albany campus, the hospital, the entertainment centre, the town hall…” Ms Morrison said.

“There’s such beautiful variation in the architecture here and so many natural phenomenons.”

To facilitate the filming of Itch, traffic diversions will be in place along Proudlove Parade in the car park of UWA Albany on February 21 from 2 to 6pm.

Queries regarding traffic control can be directed to [email protected].