Diamonds on their soles

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on March 4, 2018

A COLLECTION of dainty and dorky shoes alike attracted large crowds at the Albany Town Hall last month, and visitors generously emptied their pockets for the Albany Community Foundation cause and raised thousands of dollars.

The Walk a Mile Shoe Exhibition displayed pairs of shoes from people of all walks of life, including athletes, local politicians, authors and The Weekender’s own Ashleigh Fielding.

The exhibition pulled in $4000 from the gold coin entry fee and donations, which was given to the Albany Community Foundation.

Event coordinator Helen Tasker said visitors to the exhibition felt inspired by what they saw and wanted to be a part of the experience.

“We were delighted to have shoes from the much-loved Sabrina Hahn, which arrived immediately after she completed filming her Honey Possum film for the South Coast Environment Fund at locations around Albany,” she said.

“To receive shoes from Sam Kerr the day before she was announced Young Australian of the Year was also a great thrill for us and created a lot of interest from visitors.”

Mrs Tasker said she received many requests for the shoe display to continue for a further period, or be repeated on an annual basis using similar themes.

However, she said, despite the organising team having plans for fundraising events in the future, another shoe show was unlikely.