Shiny side up

| posted on October 19, 2017

SPEEDWAY Street Stocks driver Peter Herbert didn’t know which way was up when he rolled his car in spectacular fashion at Mount Barker Speedway Club’s opening meet last weekend.

Not only did the seasoned competitor walk away from the crash, but he went on to win the event.

“I can remember feeling like I was floating, and thinking the impact was going to hurt,” he said.

“I honestly can’t remember how many times it rolled.

“One of the front wheels got ripped off, and when it landed it caught fire.

“How the car is still in one piece and still runs is beyond me.”

Herbert’s son made the journey down from Perth to see his dad awarded the Speedway Sedans Western Australia Driver of the Year from Mt Barker Speedway, only to end up in the pits helping to get the car back on the track.

“Not only did they get me back out there, but somehow I won the bloody thing,” Herbert said.