Maths champ offers help

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on October 26, 2017

MATHEMATICS teacher Kylie Offer’s passion for knowledge and encouragement of her students has led to her selection as a Champion of Australian Maths Teaching.

Mrs Offer has joined 300 teachers from across the country in trialling different mathematics resources for years seven to 10 students, as part of the reSolve: Maths by Inquiry program.

The Department of Education initiative offers resources for all year levels up to year 10.

“The aim is to get students engaged with the resources and encourage critical thinking,” Mrs Offer said.

“Currently, students are learning about Pythagoras’s theorem and relating it to bending bamboo rods, and this will lead into learning about algebra and quadratic functions.”

Executive Director of the reSolve program Steve Thornton said Mrs Offer’s dedication to ensuring students have the best possible maths education and her commitment to sharing knowledge with her colleagues led to her champion status.

“We are delighted that so many passionate and committed teachers want to be a part of this exciting initiative and are eager to take the work of the reSolve team across Australia,” he said.

As part of her ‘champion’ role, Mrs Offer will work with her fellow teachers and others in the Great Southern to trial reSolve resources, conduct professional learning and show how the maths skills apply to real-life contexts.

North Albany Senior High School Principal Sharon Doohan said she was proud of Mrs Offer’s commitment to student learning.

“Mrs Offer is a wonderful ambassador for the teaching profession and for the school,” she said.

“Her passion for teaching makes learning mathematics a rewarding, enjoyable and engaging experience for students in her classes.

“The school community congratulates Mrs Offer on embarking on the journey of becoming a reSolve Champion.”