Making the mission easier

By Grace Jones | posted on October 21, 2017

LITTLE Ruby Robertson has spent most of her six-and-a-half years of life in and out of hospitals and doctors’ appointments, but on Saturday morning she enjoyed a simple trip to Maccas.

Ruby and her family were out in support of McHappy Day, which is a key fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House charity, which supports regional families when they travel for medical treatment.

Ruby’s mum, Tamara, said the support was vital for helping to cope with Ruby’s long list of medical conditions and the ensuing appointments.

“She has quite a complex medical history,” she said.

“She was born with a disconnected and twisted bowel, and after her second surgery at two-years-old we learned about the brain damage.

“She’s been diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome and suffers from epilepsy.

“She was born the way she is; it was a perfect and healthy pregnancy.

“She’s an absolute battler and just loves her life. The way she lives is just beautiful.”

After Tamara’s mum moved to Albany last year, the three-monthly visits to neurology clinics in Perth were becoming harder and more expensive.

“We’re in Perth at the very least every three months,” she said.

“The costs of travel adds up so quickly.

“With fuel, food, accommodation and medication expenses, it was stressful to say the least.

“Simple things like having change for parking, and going to feed the meter when you’re at Princess Margaret Hospital for hours at a time is terrible. Even just finding a parking space is bad.”

“When your child’s medical condition takes priority, the simple things become missions.”

After having a referral to the Ronald McDonald House by one of Ruby’s helpful nursing staff, Ruby and the family are able to stay during their appointments.

“Ronald McDonald House really do a fantastic job,” Tamara said.

“The work they do for regional families is amazing.

“By having your car parked in a locked parking area and somewhere to stay that’s affordable and supportive is phenomenal.

“It really is a fantastic charity.”

For every Big Mac sold on McHappy Day, $2 was donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charity.