Landscape history remembered

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on October 19, 2017

CAPTURING a bountiful and majestic landscape was one of the goals for Albany artist Annette Davis with her latest exhibition.

Continuity will officially open this Friday, 6pm at the Vancouver Arts Centre and embraces the various landscapes on the Murchison River, in the mid-west of WA.

Ms Davis has worked on this project since 2009 and has spent two to four weeks each year visiting a particular spot on the Murchison to create her unique artwork.

“It’s become an annual ritual,” Ms Davis said.

“I love the twisting and turning of the tree branches. It’s fascinating.

“They tell a story, of seasonal change, floods and droughts, and of growth.

Ms Davis’s exhibit will include drawings, ink paintings, photography and textiles.

An eye-opening feature of the Continuity exhibition will be all 14 of Ms Davis’s 10m tree rubbings suspended from the gallery ceiling.

“I take a river gum rubbing each year on calico,” Ms Davis said.

“I enjoy exploring the trees because I think they are witnesses to the history of the landscape.

“I walk around and wonder about the people who have walked this path before me, or if I am the first person to walk on this part of the landscape.

“The exhibition is about my connection and continued experience with the landscape.”

Continuity will be open from October 20 until November 8 at the Vancouver Arts Centre.