Frankland’s mystery man

By Chris Thomson | posted on March 8, 2018

TWO Frankland River women have made a heart-felt bid to learn the identity of a mystery man who swept into the local country club, paid his membership dues and vanished without a trace.

With trepidation, The Weekender responded to the pictured ‘personal ad’ placed recently by Frankland District Country Club staffers Laura Adams and Emma Haynes in The Franklander newsletter.

After we identified ourselves, as per journalistic protocol, Ms Adams said she needed to remain tight-lipped on the brand of cigarettes and beer the man bought, unless, of course, “you are the gentleman we’re after”.

“We had a payment that we couldn’t account for that was taken over the bar and there wasn’t a receipt,” she explained.

“It was just some random fellow who came in, paid his membership, bought some smokes, bought a beer and that’s all we’ve got to go on.

“We were just trying to get some attention so we could formally acknowledge his membership.”

Ms Adams said the “handsome stranger”, whose appearance she could not actually recall, had been coy to date, with the only response from two issues of The Franklander received from mocking mates of the two women.

If you think your choice of beer and ciggies measures up to Ms Adams’ and Haynes’ expectations, you can close the triangle by calling 9855 2310.