We Can-do it on Sunday

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on December 1, 2017

FOODBANK Albany and The Weekender are calling on the generosity of Albany residents for this weekend’s annual Can-Do food drive.

Albany copies of today’s Weekender each have inside them one white plastic bag.

This bag is for your kind donations of non-perishable foodstuffs, to be collected by volunteers this Sunday and given to people in Albany who are unable to afford food and groceries.

Donations can include long-life milk, tin spaghetti, pasta and pasta sauces, tin vegetables, cereals, cleaning products and any other non-perishable products.

Simply leave your Can-Do bag of donations in a visible place near your letterbox or front gate by 10am this Sunday, and volunteers will retrieve the bags and present them to Foodbank Albany.

Foodbank Albany branch manager Rod Pfeiffer is grateful for the continuing support of Albany locals in the annual food drive, which has successfully run with The Weekender for nearly a decade.

“The Can-Do drive is a vital part of our lead up to Christmas,” he said.

“Without it, we simply wouldn’t have enough stock before the Christmas season.”

Mr Pfeiffer said the 2016 Can-Do drive collected just over three tonnes, but to meet increasing demand for this year, four to five tonnes of food is needed.

“We’ve seen about an 11 per cent increase of demand from last year, so we greatly appreciate all donations,” he said.