Le secret night out

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on February 3, 2018

A GLOBAL dining experience taking the world by storm is coming to Albany.

Le Diner en Blanc started in France and is the latest in flash mob activity.

Participants purchase a ticket to the dinner, and armed with only instructions to wear white and bring their own table settings and food, are told just days before the event of the secret dinner location.

The result is a sea of white taking over a sector of town, to wine and dine under nature’s gaze.

This globally popular event will take place in Albany in late February or early March as a fundraiser for Sailability and Fishability, local groups who give disabled and disadvantaged people the opportunity to sail and fish in Princess Royal Harbour.

Organiser Clive Walker said the event would take place within a 10km radius of Albany, and participants would be emailed or texted with the top-secret dining location.

“This could be iconic for Albany,” Mr Walker said of the inaugural event.

“An event like this hasn’t happened before in Albany; it’s an ideal opportunity to raise money and give people a relaxed, fun afternoon.”

Mr Walker explained that the rules of Le Diner en Blanc state participants have to bring their own table, chairs, tablecloth, cutlery, food and drinks, describing the scenario as a type of ‘upmarket community picnic’.

If you would like to purchase a table ticket to the Albany Le Diner en Blanc or want more information, you can contact Mr Walker on 0428 735 343, his wife Georgie on 0428 425 293 or via email at georgiewalker3@bigpond.com