Reverse house flip

By Chris Thomson | posted on November 4, 2017

A DENMARK holiday house has been emptied of much of its furniture by burglars who police think are trying to furnish their own house.

Officer-in-charge of the town’s police station, Matt Hartfield, said two televisions, a DVD player, DVDs, side tables, drawers, bedding and the telephone were stolen from the Bimbimbi Way house.

“It happened in one of the holiday homes on October 26,” he said.

“It happened overnight. They went in, grabbed everything and disappeared.”

Sgt Hartfield said the burglars stole just over $2000 of furniture from the house, which was empty at the time.

“It looks like they took all the householder’s items so they could set up their own house,” he said.

“How it came across to us is that they’ve just picked up a rental house with a table and a sofa, and nothing else, so they just went and took someone else’s furniture.

“If anyone notices anyone with a whole lot of new furniture that doesn’t look like theirs, we’d ask them to call us.”

Sgt Hartfield said the victims had owned the home for more than 15 years and never been burgled before.

“It’s shaken them up a little bit and they’re planning to lock things up and secure things a bit better from now on,” he said.

Police will run a community forum at Denmark’s St John Ambulance Centre, 10 Price Street, on Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

Tea and coffee will be provided, and Sgt Hartfield said his budget would probably extend to a few bickies.