City of Albany Band raise the roof

By Grace Jones | posted on August 3, 2017

THE City of Albany Band’s performance In Full Swing on Saturday night has been heralded a success, according to conductor Colin France.

Apart from the enjoyment of the audience, and the band itself, the band was able to raise enough money to start repairs on the rehearsal hall.

“There’s problems with the roof leaking and the drains,” France said. “What we raised will be able to fix that and to paint the Hall to make it look a bit nicer.”

Both Friday and Saturday night’s shows at the Port Theatre proved to be a success, with audience members stunned at the solo performance by guest player David Rastrick.

“David played the flugel horn and was as close to perfect as you could get,” France said.

“The audience loved the performance, and the band loved performing.

“Musically it was a huge success.”

Mr France commended the performers, saying that the local talent was at a high standard and the guest performers topped the night off.