Boston takes family gong

By Grace Jones | posted on November 17, 2017

IT’S a winning combination that has long been a hit with locals and tourists alike – a place for parents to enjoy a quiet ale and a feed while the kids run free range on the playground.

And if you time it right, there is often some tasty live music on the side.

Boston Brewing Co. and Willoughby Park in Denmark has been the go-to place for families looking for a one-size-feeds-all venue, and now the judges of the 2017 Australian Hotels Association Aon Hospitality Awards for Excellence have latched onto the idea.

The popular brewery and restaurant came away with the WA’s Best Family Dining Award, and was a finalist in four other categories.

Restaurant manager Emma Van Dijk said the recognition was a massive tip for the work they do.

“The award really does show everyone who we are and what our work ethic is,” she said.

“It’s amazing to be recognised for the effort we put into the Boston Brewery to make it a venue people want to frequent.

“We’re a family-friendly location and we aspire to be a place for families and groups to have a good time.”

Australian Hotels Association CEO Bradley Woods said it was a challenging year for some in the hospitality industry.

“WA’s vibrant hospitality industry is a reality thanks to the courage and entrepreneurship of small to large business owners,” he said.