Ballroom blitz for twirling trio

By Ashleigh Fielding | posted on January 5, 2018

A SILVER medal and two call-backs have left three emerging Albany ballroom dancers with smiles on their faces after returning from a Perth competition in early December.

Albany Ballroom Dance Studio students Grace Franzinelli, Lorna Ings and Kara Ings participated in the Dance Masters International Australia Christmas Pageant on December 3 at the South Perth

Civic Centre, and their studio principal Donna Foster couldn’t be happier with the girls’ results.

Ten-year-old Grace participated in the bronze star and bronze standard grades, performing the waltz, quickstep, samba and jive.

She placed second in her waltz and quickstep sections.

Twin eight-year-olds Lorna and Kara performed in the grade two slow rhythm, evening three-step and jive sections, receiving a call-back for their talented moves.

The three youngsters were among more than 100 people from across the state vying for gold in the popular Dance Masters competition.

“It was a really long day, but the girls stuck to it and they danced beautifully,” studio principal Donna Foster said.

“I am very proud of Grace’s medal and Lorna and Kara’s call-back. They were all amazing.”

Ms Foster said Dance Masters competitions were held about six times a year, but the smaller group of students and long-distance travel often restricted the dance studio to visiting Perth only once a year.

“I’d love for more people to join us, so we can take more students up there,” Ms Foster said of the Perth competitions.

For those interested in learning a few new moves, Ms Foster at Albany Ballroom Dance Studio can be contacted on 0407 980 010.